CDC eases up on vaping recommendation, state continues to crack down

CDC eases up on vaping recommendation, state continues to crack down

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is changing it’s tune on vaping.

The federal agency previously recommended people should not vape altogether, but according to the Wall Street Journal, the CDC has narrowed that recommendation.

It is now warning people to stop using products containing THC, an ingredient in cannabis which is linked to Vitamin E- Acetate - the substance reportedly found in the lungs of people who have fallen ill or who have died from vaping. Other illnesses have been linked to nicotine.

A local vape shop manager says the change of language is a good sign for vaping.

“That signals to us that they are finally getting through the testing and they are seeing what we’ve been saying all along. It’s black market THC,” said Mathew Salter, owner of Clouds Over Vape Shop.

But Governor Cuomo says to ban all flavored vaping products. He included that proposal in the 2020 state budget.

“Vaping, as you well know is a public health crisis,” said Cuomo.

The original flavored e-cigarette ban was blocked by a judge, who ruled it as an overstep of the state’s authority. But Cuomo stands firm to pass legislation to make it so all flavored e-cigarette and flavored vaping products, including menthol which was previously left off of the ban, are illegal to sell in New York State.

“Let’s just pass a new law, pass it quickly and let’s ban flavored e cigarettes,” said Cuomo.

But Salter says that ban has already caused damage.

“It’s caused countless businesses to close, it’s caused countless families to lose their livelihoods. You know, customers lose their ability to vape and a lot of people went back to smoking,” said Salter.

With the states ban blocked, and the federal governments latest advice, Salter’s shop among others, can continue to sell flavored products for now.

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