Your Turn: feedback on DMV rules, bail reform & speed limit

WWNY Your Turn: feedback on DMV rules, bail reform & speed limit

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - To access Department of Motor Vehicles photos, law enforcement agencies must agree not to share information with immigration. This comes under the state’s Green Light Law, which allows undocumented immigrants to obtain a drivers license:

This is stupid. Why are we protecting illegal immigrants?

Mike Sovay

So officers sworn in are to uphold the laws of our state and the state is telling them not to.

Karissa Fahey

Wouldn’t you rather that they learn our traffic and vehicle laws, pay for their licenses, and insure their vehicles?

Vicki Hill

A Massena man who was arrested after saying he wanted to kill village police officers and watch a cop get tortured to death was released under the new bail reform laws. The police chief says the laws are making New York an unsafe place to live:

He poses a threat to public safety and is obviously a threat to himself. Cases like this...prove that this new bail reform isn't working.

Sam Bryant

If you advocate against bail reform, you’re basically saying you hate poor people, as the rich could already get out easily through the old system.

Emily Matott

If he does kill someone, the blood is on czar Cuomo’s hands.

Ed Morley

Officials at Hermon-DeKalb Central School District are once again asking for a reduced speed limit on Route 11 following yet another crash involving students. The state says it can’t do that because the entrance to the school is not off of Route 11:

Post a trooper car there during drop off and pick up times.

Scott G Thackston

It definitely should have a slower speed limit through there.

Bonnie Davenport

Guess someone better change the school entrance!

Alena Rebecca Roberts

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