Your Turn: feedback on climate change, marijuana & sanctuary

wwny Your Turn: feedback on climate change, marijuana & sanctuary

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - When it comes to reasons for the flooding seen on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River for two of the last three years, a researcher is blaming rain resulting from climate change:

Bulls**t. It’s IJC. It’s not the weather at all. They just don’t want to fess up because of the damage they are doing.

Sheri E Doroha

It's too bad everyone blames the IJC, but doesn't realize that the Midwest, Minnesota, Michigan had record snowfall last winter and plus ice in the lakes and all the rain we all got all adds to the flooding.

Blaine Bogart

There’s another push by Governor Cuomo to legalize marijuana in New York state, this time through the budget process. Some lawmakers question that approach:

The sneaky SOB. Needs to be impeached!

Peter Deshane

Put it on the ballot for us to decide. It will pass.

Alecia Derouin

An effort is underway to avoid enforcing state firearm laws in Lewis County by having it become a Second Amendment sanctuary:

Every county in New York state should be a 2nd Amendment sanctuary. Now we'll be able to identify all the traitors in our midst!

Zach McClure

We moved to NY for its gun laws. It is a safer state compared to where we were.

Janet Love

No sanctuary is needed for your right! Acknowledging you need sanctuary for your right is just stupid!

John Toper

I hope you like criminals as tourists, because that's who you will attract. Or just morons who will accidentally shoot someone.

Kelsey Bridget

With Cuomo's release of all these inmates, every county in NY should be.

Adam Dean

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