Freezing temperatures don’t stop Carthage’s Winterfest

Freezing temperatures don’t stop Carthage’s Winterfest

CARTHAGE, N.Y. (WWNY) - Kids were bundled up and sliding down!

Saturday’s freezing temperatures were no match for the excitement at the 22nd Annual Carthage Winterfest where the highlight of the day is the cardboard sled races.

“It’s fun. It’s scary when like you get to the end, it drops, but it’s really fun. But last year, we ran into a kid and a tree!” said sled race participants, Adelia and Alacia West.

Don’t worry, there were no tree hits this year, just a few tumbles and laughs.

“My sister went first- and I tumbled- and she tumbled the first time, then she went a second time, she got a lot farther, and she got first place,” enthused Serenity and Camryn Rathburn, sled race participants.

Once the kids had their fun, parents could compete at the frying pan toss. The chuck of the day was a whopping 29 feet!

If the cold was too much, more fun could be found inside. Children could get their faces painted and Boy Scout Pack 39 had hot snacks to warm up chilly sledders.

“We’re just happy that we’re here because we’re helping out the community and doing stuff like that,” said boy scout Mason Cummings.

Organizers say having a festival at this time of year is good for getting the community out of the house and out of their winter blues.

“It gives families an activity to do to get out. And because we have inside and outside activities, no matter what the weather today, we’ve got something going on for people to do,” said Jeanette Turner, Carthage Chamber of Commerce Executive Director.

The festivities giving cabin fever the cold shoulder.

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