Barn roof collapses in St. Lawrence County

wwny Barn roof collapses in St. Lawrence County

TOWN OF LAWRENCE, N.Y. (WWNY) - One cow was killed, but nine others were rescued in a barn roof collapse Monday morning on County Route 51 in the town of Lawrence. It was the second tragedy for the Dissottle family in the past few days.

The milking parlor was left intact, but the barn roof next to it collapsed. The collapse led to frantic moments for farmers and firefighters as about 10 cows were trapped underneath.

“They were already working on cutting the cows out. We were cutting the roof. We rolled the roof over and getting the cows out. We got four out of one spot and we dragged another one out from underneath,” said Richard LaBier Jr., Lawrenceville fire chief.

One cow was killed. People were already working in the barn in the morning but no one was injured. Hope Chapman, a family member, rushed to the farm from her home nearby.

“My parents called and said that the barn had fell in...My brother and sister were in there, but luckily they weren't injured,” she said.

The barn was built by Joseph Dissottle. He passed away just Friday. Besides his family, the farm and barn in particular were his legacy.

“He helped build it and this is where he milked. … It was his pride and joy,” said Chapman.

Chief LaBier said the last week's heavy snowfall combined with Monday's rain is what brought the roof down. The barn was not insured.

The dairy farm has been in the Dissottle family for five generations. They says it's in their blood and they're going to do everything they can to keep it going.

“We're going to set up a GoFundMe and hopefully build it back in the memory of my grandfather,” said Chapman.

Joseph Dissottle was a lifetime member of the Lawrenceville Fire Department that responded to the collapse.

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