Brief (very brief) Post Oscar Blog

Brief (very brief) Post Oscar Blog
Jane Fonda hands Oscar to Bong Joon Ho director, writer, producer of Parasite (Source: AP)


In the interest of brevity (take note Renee Zellweger and Joaquin Phoenix )

Here are some quick questions after watching the Oscars last night.

Did Joaquin even thank his director, his writer, anyone?

Does he really think I won’t eat cheese now?

Why was Eminem there singing again?

Why can’t every winner be as funny and charming as Brit (Oscar winner last year) Olivia Colman?

Why can’t every presenter or nominee or winner have Regina King’s fashion sense? The word fabulous was born for her.

Why does the very funny Maya Rudolph always look like her dress is half made? It looked like her gown was a burlap bag with sequins on it. And some of the sequins were coming off on her neck.

Why did Brad Pitt have to ruin his cool, laid back surfer dude image, getting political? Why did he win an Oscar for playing himself (basically)?

Now that the fantastic Korean film Parasite won both best film and director (defying the PGA and DGA wins) will America actually make good movies again to compete with the incredibly talented foreign filmmakers?

At least Marriage story didn’t win best picture, there’s that.

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