Documents: Carthage district paid ex-superintendent $180,000

Documents: Carthage district paid ex-superintendent $180,000
Pete Turner (Source: WWNY)

CARTHAGE, N.Y. (WWNY) - The Carthage Central school district paid former superintendent Peter Turner $180,348 when he agreed to resign in December.

The settlement agreement between Turner and the school district, which spells out the payment, was obtained by 7 News under the Freedom of Information Act.

Turner, a veteran superintendent, abruptly left the school district’s top job in mid-December. The school district refused to discuss Turner’s departure at the time.

Turner had originally planned to retire in January, but had agreed to stay on until the end of the school year.

The settlement agreement sheds little new light on what happened; it says only “a dispute has arisen between the Parties related to Mr. Turner’s continued service as Superintendent of Schools...”

But the agreement spells out in detail what the district paid as its part of the agreement. It included $87,750 in salary; $22,668 in vacation time; $7,930 in sick days; $32,000 in a retirement incentive that was part of Turner’s contract as superintendent plus an additional $30,000 for signing the agreement.

In addition, under the terms of his contract, Turner and his wife get health and dental benefits for life, of which the district pays 85 percent of the premiums.

The agreement calls Turner’s resignation a “resignation for purposes of retirement.”

The agreement specifies that neither the district nor Turner admit to any wrong-doing.

Reached Monday afternoon, Turner said he plans to address the school board at a meeting Monday night.

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