Your Turn: feedback on trusted traveler ban, WHS fights, Spectrum outage

wwny Your Turn: feedback on trusted traveler ban, WHS fights, Spectrum outage

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - The federal government has banned New Yorkers from signing up up or re-enrolling in trusted traveler programs. These are programs which allow vetted travelers to use expedited lanes to cross borders. It’s all because of the state’s Green Light Law:

All Cuomo has to do, is allow the feds access to the DMV records, but instead he's going to spend hundreds of millions of our taxes on a pointless lawsuit to protect the records of ILLEGAL immigrants.

Dale Matthews

This is Trump’s doing because the Southern District of New York is going after him for tax purposes. Trump is petty, spiteful and small.

Lana Alexander

Watertown High School is acknowledging a problem with fights at the school this year. The acknowledgement comes after district officials denied fighting was an issue inside high school:

WHS is a hell hole...Someone there has to take the bull by the horns and get back and maintain order in the building.

Kay Pfister

Can’t blame the school for what today’s society created as a whole. Discipline your dang kids so they aren’t everyone else’s problem.

Tracy Edgar

If you’re a Spectrum customer, chances are your cable and internet didn’t work Saturday. Spectrum experienced outages across upstate New York and other parts of the Northeast:

With how much they charge they should have better service.

Cin Moroney

I was super confused. I was asking my wife if we forgot to pay the bill or not.

David Schilling Jr.

My 2 (kids) are currently cleaning their room. They think they’re dying without WiFi.

Ashley Phillips

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