Lisbon Central School gets back to basics on building project

wwny Lisbon Central School gets back to basics on building project

LISBON, N.Y. (WWNY) - It’s back to basics at Lisbon Central School. The school proposes a building project much smaller than the one rejected at the polls last year.

Gone are plans for a $1.7 million fitness center. And a student center. Still in the plan are basics like replacing floor tiles, stopping roof leaks, fixing damaged brick.

“It's $4.3 million in improvements here at the building. It's basic improvements. It's really just nuts and bolts, maintaining our ability and our facility. Trying to make sure, making sure that we have a safe place for our students,” said Patrick Farrand, Lisbon superintendent:

The high school gym floor has seen better days. It would be resurfaced. Old windows not suitable for emergency exits would be replaced. Heating and ventilation upgraded.

“It makes it a more comfortable space for the students to learn in. They're in their classrooms seven hours a day. And we need to make sure that it's a space where they can learn – and enjoy being,” said Staci Vaughn, elementary school principal.

Last year's proposals to build a fitness center and a separate $8.2 million schools project failed at the polls. This year's proposal would have a tax impact of only about 23 cents per $1,000 of assessed value.

It's not just the scope of the project that's changed since last year. They've also made big changes in how they're including the public. There will even be a Facebook Live presentation on the project on Wednesday.

1,600 postcards were sent out to serve notice of the last of three public meetings.

“We want to make sure we're reaching out to all of the public in the school district to make sure that they know their voice is heard,” said Farrand.

Another big difference is that the vote this year on the $4.3 million project requires a simple majority. The projects last year required a super-majority to pass. Voting is March 24.

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