Fort Drum soldiers put fitness to test

wwny Fort Drum soldiers put fitness to test

FORT DRUM, N.Y. (WWNY) - Soldiers on Fort Drum put their fitness to the test Wednesday, while preparing for combat. The Army has made the test more challenging.

Soldiers in 3-71 Calvary Regiment had their work cut out for them Wednesday.

They were going through the Army's new Combat Fitness Test.

Sergeant First Class Tambouzi Green says, unlike the old test, this one puts more of an emphasis on getting soldiers ready for battle.

"The Army completely revamped it to where every movement that we make has some sort of combat relation to it," he said.

The test is made up of six exercises - the dead lift, standing power throw, hand release push-up, sprint drag carry, leg tuck, and a two mile run.

Each has a point total attached to it, with a score of 600 being the max.

Sergeant Logan Putnam has put up a perfect score and says any soldier is capable of doing the same.

"Just put forth maximum effort and it's possible," he said.

Most people say the hardest part of the test is the sprint drag carry and where some soldiers seem to get tripped up is having to drag 90 pounds to the end of the track and then back.

"Because after that you have to do the side shuffle, and at first I had weak legs, like I tried to cross my legs," said PFC Corey Eaton, 3-71 Calvary Regiment.

Wednesday was just a practice test.

Strength and conditioning coach Paul Lane says soldiers should keep calm as they prepare for the real deal.

"Train every day during PT with intent, and focus on what you're doing. And then, just come here, relax, do the events, and then just let it be what it is. We can always improve from there," he said.

Results will be recorded for the first time in October.

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