Police remind public to be wary of scams

Police remind public to be wary of scams
Scam alert (Source: MGN)

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - The Watertown Police Department is reminding the public to be wary of scams.

Officials specifically mentioned suspicious phone calls, emails and/or mail solicitations where scammers are portraying themselves as agents of the Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration, or local law enforcement advising the person he or she owes the government for back taxes. Often they may try to obtain personal information, police said.

According to police, this type of call usually increases this time of year as the scammers know we are entering the tax season and people are getting tax refunds. In addition, scammers have portrayed themselves as a grandchild or other family member who has been injured or arrested and needs money for bail.

Although the Internal Revenue Service or Social Security Administration may contact a person, they do not threaten people with arrest nor do they suspend your Social Security number. They will not demand immediate payment, or require payment by cash, gift card, pre-paid debit card, or wire transfer.

Police said if you receive a suspicious call, you should hang up immediately. Do not attempt to get additional information from the caller or give out personal information over the phone.

If you receive a suspicious solicitation, Watertown city residents can report it to the police department at 315-782-2233. If you live outside the city, you should contact your local police department to make a report.

In addition, police said you can make a report online to the Social Security Administration at oig.ssa.gov.

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