Spectrum offers bill credit following last weekend’s service outage

Spectrum offers bill credit following last weekend’s service outage

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Billiejo Hammontree is a Spectrum Customer in Watertown and after making a call to the company, her next bill will be a little cheaper.

“She applied the credit to my bill as soon as I asked for it. It was very easy, very simple,” said Hammontree.

The credit is in response to last Saturday’s Spectrum outage. The Outage took down the TV, internet, and phone of customers throughout the northeast region.

Lara Pritchard of Charter Communications says the outage was due to weather-related fiber damage.

Hammontree says she wasn't too inconvenienced.

“It was a little difficult because we do like our TV around here. But, it wasn’t anything I’m going to throw a fit over,” Hammontree said.

Hammontree says she only received about a $4 credit on her bill. But she says every dollar she can save helps.

“A lot of people live paycheck to paycheck. We happen to be one of those families. And every little penny helps,” said Hammontree.

Pritchard says customer service representatives will work with customers who contact the company individually. As a result, the credit a customer gets back, if any, will vary.

Pritchard says people affected can call the company's customer service line for more details.

That number is 1 (855) 707-7328.

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