Your Turn: feedback on bail reform, prisons & Patriot the cow

wwny Your Turn: feedback on bail reform, prisons & Patriot the cow

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Governor Cuomo appears to be open to adjusting the state’s new bail reform law. Republicans have rallied to repeal it. We asked what you think:

Needs to be repealed and rewritten. Not only is it causing a danger to society, it's also not giving an offender a reason to show up in court.

Jason Ablan

Making some changes is necessary but do not go back to holding poor people with non-violent crimes hostage.

Marcia Clifton Robbins

It needs to go back the way it was. Safety of citizens first!

Loretta Corrice Cooke

Governor Cuomo is reportedly looking for a 2,500 inmate bed reduction, putting 2 to 3 prisons at risk. Five of the states 52 prisons are in the north country:

Instead of closing them why not reduce the numbers in each facility and make it a little safer for the officers.

Kaye White

Inmates are still being bunked 2 grown men into a cube the size of a parking space at medium facilities, but sure - instead of spreading them out, close more prisons and make the remaining ones even more dangerous.

Josh Lacey

I’m okay with closing prisons as long as he opens addiction treatment facilities and psychiatric centers. Rearrange the system, rearrange jobs, and help all.

Sarah Sanderson-Belile

A north country cow is enjoying retirement at the ripe old age of 19. Patriot the cow was a leader in milk production:

Wouldn’t it be nice if ALL had that advantage? A vegan lifestyle can make it possible!

Carol Muhs

So happy to see she is treated so well and retired in a nice place!

Georgia Peach

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