After Watertown razes 6th condemned property, what happens next?

wwny After Watertown razes 6th condemned property, what happens next?

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - The city of Watertown has demolished five buildings it had in last June's tax sale, and the sixth is on the way.

Lisa Boulter lives across the street from 603 Boyd Street in Watertown. The demolishing of the city-owned property is set to start Monday and she says she isn't sad to see it go.

"It's an eyesore. It hasn't been kept up and I think we'll be pretty grateful to see it go," she said.

The property is just one of six the city has condemned after taking them in last June's tax sale.

The others are 565 Burdick Street, 506 Binsse Street, 759 Mill Street, as well as 632 Factory Street, and 512 Jefferson Street.

City Code Enforcement Supervisor Carolyn Meunier says demolishing them will cost the city more than $110,000.

It would have been 90,000 dollars just to clean them up for resale.

But Meunier says even if they were sold, the properties might have been back in city-hands.

"A lot of times, people do the bare minimum because of the cost and it ends up back to the city later on, or the city has to help pay for the cleanup and keep," she said.

City Comptroller Jim Mills says once all the demolition is finished, the empty lots will most likely go on sale.

"I will work on compiling a list of city parcels that no longer serve a purpose to the city and provide that to city council and recommend a public auction be held," he said.

Council member Ryan Henry-Wilkinson says he and Mayor Jeff Smith have talked about what they'd like to see happen to the land.

"He and I were discussing what we could do to try and encourage people to want to go back and buy up some of these parcels and build single-family homes on them," he said.

But what does Boulter want?

"I would not like to see another building go up there," she said.

Mills says he hopes to have a list of parcels ready for city council in time for its second meeting in March.

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