Stewart’s Shops offering ‘collector’ plastic bags

wwny Stewart’s Shops offering ‘collector’ plastic bags

BLACK RIVER, N.Y. (WWNY) - With about a week until the state’s plastic bag ban hits, Stewart’s Shops are saying goodbye to plastic bags in a unique way.

If you're shopping at a Stewart's and they give you a plastic bag, you'll see this written on it "I'm one of the last Stewart's bags, a collector's item."

Manager of the Black River store Kevin Chapman says it's the company's way of having a little fun and also educating customers to both reuse the plastic bag, and to get ready for change come March 1.

The Black River store is using paper bags now after plastic ran out this week.

"I expect that people are really not going to want them once it's a 5 cent charge on paper bags. Then, the reusable ones are going to be flying because for 99 cents, you can use it for however many times it's good for," said Chapman.

Chapman says any Stewart’s location that runs out of plastic will offering customers free paper bags until the ban takes effect in 8 days.

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