Local DMV sees plenty of people upgrading to REAL ID

wwny Local DMV sees plenty of people upgrading to REAL ID

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - Later this year, a new law will change the documents you need to fly within the country and enter federal facilities, like Fort Drum. At least one local Department of Motor Vehicles is seeing people making the change ahead of the deadline.

At the Lewis County Department of Motor Vehicles, the majority of people are choosing to upgrade the kind of license they have.

"Eighty percent of our transactions, instead of renewing a standard license, people are choosing to either do the REAL ID or enhanced driver's license," said Lewis County Clerk Jake Moser.

Beginning October 1, a standard driver license will no longer allow you to fly within the country or to enter federal buildings and military installations like Fort Drum. Instead, you'll need a newer kind of identification called a REAL ID, enhanced license or passport.

"A lot of the customers coming, they're aware of the deadline and the biggest question we really have is the difference between the REAL ID and the enhanced driver's license because people don't quite understand the difference between those two," said Moser.

The difference? While both will allow you to fly domestically and enter federal facilities, the enhanced license will also allow you to travel to Canada, Mexico and U.S. territories by land or sea and cost you an extra $30.

To get either license, you'll need documentation showing your full legal name, date of birth, Social Security number and two proofs of address. And if you've had any name changes, for example if you got married, you'll need additional documentation.

To make the process as quick as possible, officials say make sure you have the documents you need.

"Unfortunately, if they have to run and go get something, they have to come back, get in line and start the process all over again," said Moser.

If you don’t have a REAL ID or enhanced license, you can go to the DMV anytime to get one. Your license doesn’t have to be up for renewal.

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