Your Turn: feedback on coronavirus, Real ID & marijuana trip

wwny Your Turn: feedback on coronavirus, Real ID & marijuana trip

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - St. Lawrence University is calling home 15 students who had been studying in Italy. It’s all because of concern over the coronavirus outbreak in that country:

Let's take people from where coronavirus is spreading and bring them somewhere where it isn't. What could possibly go wrong?

Jon Bleienbach

Great the universities are well in tune, but then I am not surprised. We have the best on our area.

Carol Stark Muench

Have you made the change to the Real ID? Beginning October 1, a standard driver license will no longer allow you to fly within the country or to enter federal buildings and military installations:

Waste of money. Already got a passport.

Tammy D-Rocket

They need to make it more streamlined to get one. Waiting 5 or 6 hours is just crazy.

Sharon Watson Feathers

I got mine this month. Not that I plan on any air travel, but better than to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Amy Campbell

A passport is more useful and you can leave the country with it.

Nick Knowlton

Governor Cuomo will visit states where recreational marijuana is legal. It’s part of an effort to figure out how to pass similar legislation in New York’s budget this year:

Sounds more like a glorified road trip at the taxpayers' expense. How much more research that has been publicized in every state do you need.

Steve Saviski

This is cool, and long overdue, but it’s really hard for me to like it if it’s Cuomo’s idea.

Logan Jay

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