Your Turn: feedback on school assault & coronavirus state of emergency

wwny Your Turn: feedback on school assault & coronavirus state of emergency

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Most of your feedback this week is about a video we obtained of a vicious beating in Canton middle school. The school said a student assaulted another student in what it called an unprovoked incident. The injured boy and his family are calling for changes to end bullying:

We should all be taught, starting at a young age, how to protect ourselves.

Tracy Charleson

Justice needs to be done. This problem is getting out of hand.

Emma Jeane Schlegel

Kids will be kids.

Jacob Bresett

The fact that someone recorded it but didn’t stop it tells you all you need to know about what’s wrong with society.

Jason Woodall

I don’t understand the purpose of broadcasting this video...if it isn’t an example of yellow journalism, then it’s certainly a case of very poor judgment!

LF Burke

Your piece on the middle school incident should be commended...Keep up the great work. You and others like you are the difference that the students need to have a safe and loving environment.

Rich Johns

The coronavirus also prompted a lot of you to share your thoughts. COVID-19 is now in New York and the governor has declared a state of emergency:

Oh please. Fear mongering.

Karen Rickard

It just allows access to more federal funding and resources should NY need them.

Jessica Mueller

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