Your Turn: feedback on school closures, graduation gown change & opioid PSA

wwny Your Turn: feedback on school closures, graduation gown change & opioid PSA

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Out of all the stories we’ve done on COVID-19, most of your comments are about the closure of all schools in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties through April 17.

I'm glad to see they're putting safety first. I'd rather learn from home versus go to school and risk catching COVID-19.

Ethan Patchen

This situation will cause parents to have to stay home and possibly not get paid...This is wrong in so many ways.

Donna Rich Fercken

I'm curious as to what they are going to do come April when COVID-19 finally starts reaching up here.

Shane Calhoun

All stores, malls, movie theaters, daycares, etc. have not closed. Do you think kids/families are just going to stay home!

Lisa Haas LaClair

Another story that got a lot of feedback came from General Brown Central School. In a move to be more inclusive, the district is ditching graduation gown colors based on gender:

Totally moronic and defies the true original meaning of “school spirit”! How dare you!

Timothy C Keyes

Seems completely harmless to change it this way. Never really understood the two color thing.

Patrick Hill

It doesn’t matter what color! Just be glad you made it to get the diploma!

Dorothy LaFlair Riopelle

Pretty soon you’ll see public service announcements come to your screens across the north country. It’ll be a message from a Jefferson County family who’s battling opioid addiction:

This is a very hard thing to overcome let alone be so public about it. This is a great way to help others.

Shannon Moore Clarke

I unfortunately have lost friends that overdosed on drugs and I’m proud of you for telling your story.

Megan Austin

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