Samaritan sets up coronavirus resource line

Morning Checkup

Important: the resource line phone number given in the video is incorrect. The correct number is 315-755-3100.

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Samaritan Medical Center has set up a resource line for those concerned about COVID-19.

Dr. Paula Brooks is from LeRay Family Medicine and Urgent Care. She talked on Samaritan’s Morning Checkup segment on 7 News This Morning about the resource line and the disease itself.

You can watch the interview in the video.

Those who call the resource line can learn about the characteristics of the virus, how to prevent getting infected, and what to do when you feel ill.

People will also be able to book appointments to be tested for the coronavirus if the health care professional at the other end of the line thinks it's warranted.

You can call that line at 315-755-3100.

Samaritan is hoping to have a testing site set up later this week.

"There's no need to panic," Brooks said. "This is a virus, we've done this a lot in the past."

She said about 80 percent of those who catch it will have mild or even no symptoms.

The goal, she said, is to protect the eldelry and people with severe heart and lung problems, “because they’re the one’s who are really at risk.”

She said people should stay home if they can, maintain good hygiene, “and we’ll get through this.”

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