10th Mountain Division commander discusses COVID-19 & Fort Drum

wwny 10th Mountain Division commander discusses COVID-19 & Fort Drum

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Major General Brian Mennes, commander of 10th Mountain Division, appeared on 7 News this Evening Tuesday night to discuss COVID-19 developments at Fort Drum.

The Army post announced earlier in the day that a part-time employee, who works at the Fort Drum Education Center three days a week, but lives in the Albany-area, tested positive for COVID-19.

The worker was most recently at the center Wednesday through Friday of last week. The employee received word of the positive COVID-19 diagnosis Tuesday.

During his interview, General Mennes said Fort Drum is working with local health officials to figure out where the employee may have come into contact with people.

He said there was a sign-in log and the post knows the names of the woman's co-workers. The Education Center was shut down.

Mennes also discussed the Fort Drum soldiers who are in quarantine after returning home South Korea due to the outbreak there. He said no one is showing symptoms of COVID-19.

He also said daycare is open to the children of parents whose jobs are "mission essential." That includes healthcare providers who work at hospitals in Watertown and Carthage.

Watch his entire interview above.

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