Newly unemployed frustrated with state labor department

WWNY Newly unemployed frustrated with state labor department

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - As thousands of people are being temporarily laid off, the state's Department of Labor is being flooded with claims for unemployment.

“It’s the most frustrating thing I have ever been through - almost in tears over it,” said Cori Moore.

Moore has been trying to file for unemployment since Tuesday, after the movie theater in the Salmon Run Mall had to temporarily close. She says her calls to the state's Department of Labor keep getting disconnected.

“Today alone, probably 12. Yesterday probably 20 times before I gave up and the previous day around 8 or 10,” she said.

Moore isn't the only one. Cheryl Mayforth says hundreds of people have been calling and emailing The WorkPlace, saying they are having trouble too.

She says the Department of Labor got more than 70,000 calls Wednesday and it's website has been crashing.

"It's totally unprecedented. All we can tell people is try, keep trying and try some of those off-hours, get up early, wait until after dinner," said Mayforth.

To help with the overload, the labor department is extending its hours. It's are also asking people to file on a certain day based on the first letter of their last name.

Mayforth says people who file by Saturday should be paid for next week. If you don’t have a computer, Mayforth says people can make an appointment at The WorkPlace.

Canton’s career center also has computers available.

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