Saturday Sports: Lowville’s Double Play Community Center feels the effects of COVID-19

Saturday Sports: Lowville’s Double Play Community Center feels the effects of COVID-19

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - The Double Play Community Center in Lowville is one of many businesses in the Lowville area that is feeling the effects of having to shut their doors due to the coronavirus.

It’s a non-profit organization, like many others in the area, that is a vital part of the community and hopes it can weather the storm and come back strong to serve the people that rely on its services daily.

On a normal day around 130 people would be utilizing the Double Play Community Center for a number of activities, from working out, dance and recreational programs.

But due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the rooms are empty and residents are without a vital part of the community.

“It’s a huge service that we provide, obviously wellness and quality of life is the essential component to our mission,” said Dan Myers, the executive director and founder of Double Play Community Center.

Myers says Double Play serves people that range in age from 3 to over 80, and for a number of those clients, the services they provide are essential in a rural area.

“Heart patients who come here after they’re done with their therapy, they come here and continue their regimens. So, you’ve got people who are diabetics who have come off having to take insulin from working out and getting physically fit so for them not to have that outlet and that routine it’s really detrimental to the community,” said Myers.

The shutdown is not only affecting the members, but the staff that Myers employs at Double Play as well- with 3 full timers and 10 part-time employees laid off.

Myers says he’s not the only non-profit organization in the Lowville area that’s struggling through this national emergency.

“We know that we’re not the only community agency, we know that there’s Hand in Hand, there’s a lot of non-profits. There’s a ton of people that are hurting during this time, and you know, obviously we’re gonna have to come together and find ways and means to build this community back up after this thing pulls through," said Myers.

Myers other business has also taken a hit. As a small business owner of R.B.I. Bats, which custom makes wooden bats for high school, college and pro baseball players, the need for baseball bats with the sport at a standstill is non-existent.

“It’s really hindering, you know, our ability really to get our product out and we send product from all over the coast so from New York all the way to California, obviously it’s not huge. We do 3-500 bats a year depending on the year, we’ve picked up a pro player, you know, with the Diamondbacks. So you know, we sent him some bats and he’s like ‘We’re not gonna be there for a while.’ So you know, it’s one of those things where we’re trying to really build our reputation out there. You know, with colleges and everything being shut down it really hinders our ability to do things,” said Myers.

Myers says whether its Double Play sports, R.B.I. Bats or any other business or non-profit in the Lewis County area, he feels the community will band together and help those small businesses weather the storm.

“We do have a good support from the community and it’s a matter of helping each other. And I think that this is a time where we’re seeing that, you know. And the time will tell as far as when this wave comes through and we really don’t know how long it’s gonna be,” said Myers.

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