Dyson founder designs new ventilator in 10 days; first ones ready in early April

It addresses the specific needs of coronavirus patients

(CNN) – Dyson may be known for vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, but the coronavirus has forced the company to shift its focus to ventilators.

Founder James Dyson designed a new one in just 10 days at the request of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The “CoVent” was designed for COVID-19 patients and can be manufactured quickly, which is key as demand rises fast.

Dyson said the new ventilator was designed to “address the specific needs” of coronavirus patients.

The company is manufacturing at least 15,000 of the medical devices – 10,000 for the British government, another 5,000 will be donated to the international pandemic effort.

A Dyson spokesperson said the ventilators should be ready by early April.

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