Experts ponder causes of New York’s ‘breathtaking’ outbreak

Experts ponder causes of New York’s ‘breathtaking’ outbreak
COVID-19 Cases (Source: MGN Online)

NEW YORK (AP) - How did the coronavirus outbreak get so bad in New York?

The outbreak in New York accounts for roughly half the U.S. cases to date.

Public health experts are pointing to the size and density of the nation’s biggest city as a likely factor. Gov. Andrew Cuomo cited New York’s status as an international business center and transportation hub.

Some experts also noted the state’s big push to test people – more than 12,000 on Monday alone.

Scientists expect the number of new infections, hospitalizations and deaths in the New York area to increase over the coming weeks, but they also believe that social distancing and staying inside are slowing the spread.

New York City’s hospitals have become the war-zone-like epicenter of the nation’s coronavirus crisis.

Faced with an infection rate five times that of the rest of the country, health workers are putting themselves at risk to fight a tide of sickness that’s getting worse by the day amid a shortage of needed supplies.

A “cacophony of coughing” fills packed emergency rooms, where rapidly multiplying number of patients pour in with the same symptoms: hacking, fever and shortness of breath.

Hospitals are squeezing beds wherever there is space and doctors are told to use the same face masks over and over.

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