Mechanics, plumbers adjust to work changes during pandemic

WWNY Mechanics, plumbers adjust to work changes during pandemic

TOWN OF MARTINSBURG, N.Y. (WWNY) - The COVID-19 pandemic won’t stop cars from breaking down or plumbing to leak. That’s why mechanics and plumbers are hard at work and taking precautions.

There's work to do at Monnat Brothers Service Station in the town of Martinsburg.

Manager Jake Monnat says his shop is still fully functioning.

"All of our capabilities are still right up at 100 percent, like we've been at," he said.

That doesn't mean the staff isn't taking precautions. All traffic in and out of the building is limited to the main entrance.

And Monnat says if possible, customer interactions should be done over the phone.

"We're having customers drop the vehicles off, and calling us or texting us to make appointments or arrangements. And then we can do payments, like I said, over the phone," he said.

Still, Monnat says there's a noticeable decline in customers.

"This time of year, we should see a picking up of business with tax returns, and people switching over to their summer tires, and things like that. Routine maintenance," he said.

Employees at William C. Brown & Son Plumbing and Heating in Lowville have started maintaining 6 feet of separation from customers because of the coronavirus. Otherwise, officials there say it's business as usual.

"Most people are used to our service person that they've called and we've sent. They just turn us loose," said owner Arel Brown.

Brown says the amount of house calls they're making is right on track for this time of year. But some jobs are being put on hold until things calm down.

"We have had a couple customers that didn't have priority work scheduled say, 'I just as soon wait to remodel this bathroom,'" he said.

Things can still break during the COVID-19 pandemic. But there are people working to fix them.

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