A story of love and commitment during COVID-19 outbreak

WWNY A story of love and commitment during COVID-19 outbreak

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Nursing homes have put up visitor restrictions, but that hasn’t stopped a husband from seeing his wife.

Every day, 77 year old Thomas Flavin takes a trip to Watertown’s Samaritan Keep Home to visit his wife, Elfriede. But because of COVID-19, the way they see each other has changed.

Thomas and Elfriede look through the lobby glass as they talk to each other on their cell phones.

"It's what you do when your married, dear. You want to be with your wife or your husband, that's all there is to it. This is the closest I can get," said Thomas.

The couple talks about all kinds of things while sharing lots of laughs. After all, they have been married for 57 years.

The two met in Germany when Thomas was serving in the Army.

Elfriede says when her husband comes to visit, "I love it."

Thomas says all the changes happening have been hard on the couple, but their visits help keep each other going.

"I'm glad they allow me to do this. It's a normal thing to miss the one you love - 50 years is a long time to be with somebody. There is no reason for me to just stay home and let her stay there," he said.

And no matter how long the virus lasts, Thomas plans to be by Elfriede's side - even if it has to be through the window.

“See you tomorrow, okay? Okay, love you.”

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