One Watertown church takes to the web and airwaves, streams Sunday service

One Watertown church takes to the web and airwaves, streams Sunday service

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - In a time where not much feels normal, one church brings Sunday service to it’s parishioners through the web and the airwaves.

It is a site most don’t see - Church pews empty on Sunday morning. But for the handful of people at the first Presbyterian Church in Watertown, that’s okay. They’re wearing microphones to bring service to anyone who tunes in.

“No matter where you are or how you are listening, It’s nice for the 5 of us to know you are out there,” said Sara Gleason the music director at First Presbyterian Church.

“I’m glad we are able to continue being church in a very different way for us. So the technology makes that possible,” said Reverend Leonard Sponaugle.

It’s possible through video live stream and radio. Sponaugle says people can watch on Facebook, on their website, or listen in on AM radio WATN 1240.

“We’re trying to make it seem like there’s still something normal going on even when everything else is off kilter,” said Gleason.

But how do you lead worship with no one around?

“The way I’m doing it is I’m pretending the people are here,” said Sponaugle.

So at 10 AM Sunday morning like always, prayer and song start. 3 people sing instead of a full choir, one person leads the production, and those at home listen and pray. Pray for health and a time where they can come back together.

But what about next week? Well for the next two weekends they will be using pre-recorded elements and previous services to keep Sunday feeling a little bit more normal.

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