Can you catch COVID-19 from food?

WWNY Can you catch COVID-19 from food?

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - After heading to the grocery store or picking up takeout, you might find yourself starting to wonder if you can catch COVID-19 from food or its packaging. North country health officials say it's not likely.

Health experts say the food you're heading to the checkout with is safe to eat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"All the evidence to date shows as far as we know, you can not get coronavirus by eating it. It's through droplets or through contact. It is though your lungs, it is not through your gastrointestinal tract that you absorb it or get the virus," said Cathy Moore of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County.

She says if you want take out, go for it.

"Restaurants are required to cook food in a really safe manner, so the food that you're getting from those places is actually going to be quite safe," she said.

Since COVID-19 can survive for hours on different surfaces, health officials are advising people to wash their hands after they open food packaging and after eating.

"The packaging we know is probably not a significant source of contamination. We really feel at this point it's a very low risk, but no one is going to say it's risk-free or there is zero risk," said Moore.

She says you should wash off your fruits and veggies like you normally do and not use any kind of cleaner or soap on them because that can be dangerous. She also adds it’s a good idea to clean surfaces.

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