An inside look at Fort Drum soldiers in quarantine

WWNY An inside look at Fort Drum soldiers in quarantine

FORT DRUM, N.Y. (WWNY) - We show you an inside look at life in quarantine on Fort Drum from the eyes of two soldiers back from Afghanistan.

Around 300 soldiers from the First Brigade Combat Team are back early from Afghanistan.

But, they're not home yet. The brigade is being quarantined for two weeks as a COVID-19 precaution.

Sergeant First Class Samuel Brown won't be with his family until it's over. But they were braced for him to be gone nine months.

"We've only been gone 30 plus days. So, another two weeks is really nothing honestly," said Brown.

Captain Matthew Dixon oversees the 100 soldiers quarantined in his barracks.

They take up two floors to keep a social distance.

It's two soldiers to a suite with a shared kitchen and bathroom.

There's also a common area where food is delivered three times a day.

Soldiers can still go outside in a specific space, and in groups of about four.

Dixon says quarantine is bringing his troops together.

"To spend time together and kind of get to know each other better. More so, than if we were just kind of isolated in a room by ourselves," he said.

For Dixon, the Fort Drum staff made it a smooth transition into quarantine.

"The commanding general and division sergeant major, and some of the higher leaders at the battalion brigade levels still made the effort to come see us. And then, all the different things they've provided us," he said.

Fort Drum officials say approximately 700 more First Brigade Combat Team soldiers are expected to return.

It’s anticipated another 400 from the Combat Aviation Battalion will come back early from Afghanistan too.

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