Going, going...online: auctions continue during pandemic

WWNY Going, going...online: auctions continue during pandemic

GOUVERNEUR, N.Y. (WWNY) - If you can’t be open, you might as well take your business online. That’s the mindset of an auctioneer in Gouverneur.

Don Peck can seat about 100 to 125 people at his auction center in Gouverneur. But right now, he can't have anyone.

"I have all this merchandise sitting in inventory and I've got more merchandise coming in all the time so not knowing if it was going to be one week, two weeks, two months or what, it's going to be so I have to make a living too," he said.

So Peck thought he'd try auctioning off items on Facebook Live. He gave it a try last week with just ten items and after getting a good response, he's now auctioning off 30 to 40 items about 3 times a week, averaging 175 to 200 viewers mostly within a 50 to 75 mile radius of Gouverneur, but some are from even further.

“We’re getting people looking from Las Vegas, from Florida, from Texas, West Virginia, Arizona, all those places,” said Peck.

Peck puts up a video with a preview of the items he's selling a couple days ahead of time so people can look at the items and ask questions.

On the day of, he auctions off the items live on video and viewers bid on the items by commenting in real time. They then have to pick the items up from Peck within 48 hours and pay in person.

"We're not getting a group of people around, it's a one on one, we're keeping our 6 foot distance. So it's working pretty well," he said.

And while it's a little different, Peck says items are selling even better online than they do in person.

“The stuff is bringing more money 'cause these are people who don’t normally come to auction,” said Peck.

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