Your Turn: feedback on ventilators, golf and paying it forward

WWNY Your Turn: feedback on ventilators, golf and paying it forward

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Governor Cuomo announced the National Guard will begin moving 20 percent of unused ventilators from upstate hospitals to hard-hit New York City. On Sunday, Cuomo said no ventilators have been taken from upstate yet. Most of your feedback this week is about that:

But we may need them and won’t have them!!!!

Grant Davis

People are dying at an alarming rate. If we are not using the ventilators, I say send them!

Wanda Matthews

So heartbreaking for us. He knows where his votes come from.

Chris LaMont Pacella

What the hell are we up here, CHOPPED LIVER?

Donna Milefski

While state mandates have shut down just about everything non-essential, golf is still allowed. It’s giving people fresh air and exercise:

Can’t get hair cut, go to the dentist, but this is essential??? And we wonder why it’s spreading.

Kandi Newton

Most people golf alone. Plus it’s outside. This is perfect for social distancing.

Sonja Soulia

Instead of sending bills for snow removal, JR Construction in Watertown is asking customers to keep their money or pay it forward:

What a truly amazing thing to do.

Kelly Anne Dygert

So good to hear good news.

Cheryl Roggie

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