Cuomo to Washington politicians: ‘follow the American people’

Updated: Apr. 29, 2020 at 1:24 PM EDT
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ALBANY, N.Y. (WWNY) - Gov. Andrew Cuomo has a message for Washington politicians: “Try to be half as good as the American people.”

At his coronavirus briefing Wednesday, the governor lashed out at U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Florida Sen. Rick Scott – both Republicans – who have said they don’t want to bail out the predominately Democratic states that have been hardest hit by the coronavirus.

You can watch the full briefing in the video.

To illustrate his point, Cuomo unveiled a display of thousands of face masks sent to New York from across the country, which he called “a self-portrait that was done by American people.”

“This is just people’s way of saying ‘we care and we want to help.’”

He advised politicians to “follow the American people, look at what they’re doing, look at how they’re reacting.”

Cuomo has said repeatedly that New York pays more to the federal government than it gets back, but McConnell’s home state of Kentucky gets more than it pays in.

On Wednesday, he said the same of Scott’s Florida.

The governor characterized the politicians’ statements as part of “Washington doublespeak.”

He said many Washington politicians are more concerned about bailing out large corporations than they are about helping states offset losses in sales and income revenue.

“They want to fund corporate America,” he said. “That’s who puts money in their pockets.”

He said politicizing the pandemic “is extraordinarily dangerous” and called the crisis “probably the most dramatic situation we’ve dealt with in modern political history.”

Cuomo said “the worst could lie ahead” if the nation doesn’t work together. “We think we’re coming out of it, but that’s only if we do what we have to do.”

Creating an us-against-them climate, he said, “is the music of a campaign season.”

The governor also noted that Tuesday’s death toll from COVID-19 is 330, down by just five from Monday, and Monday was down two from Sunday.

“The decline has been slow, at best,“ he said, “but still disgustingly high.”

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