Dave - A Review by Guest Blogger

By Syracuse University Student Conner Mayes

Dave - A Review by Guest Blogger
From Episode 2 of Dave (Source: " ")


Hey this show may not be my demographic, but I appreciate guest blogger, Conner Mayes take on this hip show:

Close your eyes and picture a rapper. Now open them what do you see? A tatted man wearing chains and diamond earrings. Well think again, Dave Burd aka ‘Lil Dicky’ is an up and coming rapper that hasn’t even reached his full potential. He has broken barriers in the rap game being the only Jewish, white rapper to have over three platinum records. Most famous for his songs Freaky Friday, Earth, and Save Dat Money. He has had over 143 million views on YouTube and is rumored to be worth over ten million dollars. However, he has recently taken his talents to the big screen producing his new show Dave on FXX and streaming on Hulu.

The show takes a deeper dive into what life is like as a rising superstar. It gives you glimpses of the pro’s and con’s of stardom and what life is really like when the camera is turned off. Dave Burd does an excellent job portraying the road to success and how sometimes you need to work to accomplish your dreams. However, Dave is not the only character that has to deal with uphill battles. The character development is on point. He touches upon the struggles of mental illness and how appearances aren’t always as they seem. In the words of Gata “This dude back here dresses cool as ‘eff”. He knows all the hip-hop urban lingo but pronounces all of his words properly”

This is a must watch show, you don’t need to be a fan of rap to enjoy Dave Burd’s humor and acting. If you are stuck in quarantine a daily dose of Lil Dicky is what you will need to cheer you up.

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