Soldiers give back to their new community

WWNY Soldiers give back to their new community

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - A dozen Fort Drum soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division’s Combat Aviation Brigade were in Lewis County Wednesday, volunteering at the Lowville American Legion.

They helped spiffy up the legion's paint, seating and equipment and set off to hang American flags all throughout the village.

"It's just the right thing to do. Right now with all the negativity going on, it's fantastic to have an opportunity like this to put some flags up and just put joy in people's hearts," said Lowville American Legion Post Commander Lee Hinkelman.

And even better - they brought joy to people's stomachs by giving away nearly 200 free meals for essential workers like Arel Brown, who runs a plumbing business.

“We were very pleased to be contacted by Mr. Hinkleman and acknowledged as an essential business and they’re going to have lunch for us. What could be better,” said Brown.

“It’s humbling to see all the essential workers and be able to help them,” said Sgt. Tom Worboys, soldier.

The soldiers say this is a great opportunity to honor the flag, the legion, and their new community.

"It gives back to the community. They don't look at us as just soldiers, they look at us as people that can give back to other people and do other things, not just going overseas and stuff like that," said Pvt. Collin Kraus, soldier.

The legion says they’re always delighted to have the help from the soldiers and the soldiers say they’re happy to be involved.

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