2 Samaritan Keep Home workers test positive for COVID-19

WWNY 2 Samaritan Keep Home workers test positive for COVID-19

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Two staff members at Watertown's Samaritan Keep Home have tested positive for COVID-19.

Samaritan has been testing all nursing home staff and residents since Monday in compliance with an order from Governor Cuomo.

The two infected staffers were asymptomatic and they did not know they have the coronavirus.

Hospital officials say all residents and other staff they came into contact with are being notified and screened. To date, 363 staff members have been tested.

"Finding these asymptomatic carriers is actually a positive thing because you want to see where they are carrying, where the people are, and as we've said already, it's expected that the more people that you test, the more results you're going to get back and you are going to incur some more positives with this very very contagious virus," said Leslie DiStefano, Samaritan Medical Center spokesperson.

The employees who have tested positive will quarantine at home for the recommended 14 days. The employees were not exposed to the disease to their knowledge, did not travel, had no symptoms, and wore their masks while working.

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