Weekly COVID-19 wrap-up: preparing to reopen

Weekly COVID-19 wrap-up: preparing to reopen

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - After much anticipation, parts of the state began to reopen Friday.

Governor Cuomo came to the north country to tell us we made the cut.

“You’re reopening as long as it’s not too soon and it’s done right," said Cuomo.

Local businesses also geared up to go back to work.

A huge donation was rolled out in the north country, and more big donations were made to big community helpers.

The travel restriction advisory in St. Lawrence County was lifted.

And tensions in Ogdensburg rose as lawmakers put the city manager on administrative leave.

A St. Lawrence County doctor tested positive for COVID-19 with little to no symptoms.

“We need to start screening asymptomatic people. Just testing people at random to see where we are at,” said Dr. Greg Healey, who tested positive for COVID-19.

After state mandated testing began, two nursing home workers tested positive, and were also asymptomatic.

“Finding these asymptomatic carriers is actually a positive thing because you want to see where they are carrying and where the people are,” said Leslie DiStefano of Samaritan Medical Center.

Need a haircut? You’ll be able to get one soon.

Some courts will open in person again.

More summer traditions were canceled.

And hold the splash, Watertown’s Alteri Pool will not reopen, as the City of Watertown tries to stay afloat financially.

And some positive news this week:

Photo’s were taken to celebrate veterans spouses, a couple went into the hospital together, and came out together, survivors, and the Class of 2020 celebrated an unexpected end outside and online.

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