Your Turn: feedback on federal funding, hair salons & pool closure

WWNY Your Turn: feedback on federal funding, hair salons & pool closure

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Governor Andrew Cuomo says New York state needs $61 billion in federal funding to offset the economic damage caused by COVID-19:

Maybe he should have thought of that before he wasted billions on his pet projects, like welfare and college tuition for illegals.

David Kimbro

We spent $2 trillion bailing out corporations, why can't the citizens get in on that?

Ogie Ogilthorpe

Watertown City Council has informally decided to permanently close Alteri Pool at the Watertown Fairgrounds:

This is very sad. My family loved that pool.

Rich Merryman

There is no need for 3 pools in the city, especially if they are going to provide transportation.

Shellie Mcardell

That's what you...get when you spend money on a pool in Thomson Park, knowing it would put you in debt.

Nancy Frank

Hair salons and barbershops in the north country could reopen for business within 2 weeks:

Not a very bright idea...You cannot wear a face mask while getting your hair cut or colored!

Rayne Farrell

This professional service is much safer than many things listed in phase one opening.

Chris Monnat

I feel bad for those poor hairdressers that have to 'fix' the cuts we gave ourselves!

Mary Wenk

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