False positives at Lewis County hospital’s nursing home?

False positives at Lewis County hospital’s nursing home?
Lewis County General Hospital Residential Healthcare Facility (Source: WWNY)

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - The COVID-19 results for 4 employees at Lewis County General Hospital's nursing home may have been false positives.

That's according to Lewis County Health Systems CEO Gerald Cayer.

The 4 workers showed no symptoms, but were tested as part of Governor Cuomo’s order that all nursing home employees in New York be tested twice a week.

The first test was administered last Thursday by LabCorp.

When those results came back positive last Friday night, Cayer got in contact with Samaritan Medical Center to rule out a false positive. Those employees were tested again using SMC’s rapid analyzer. All 4 tests came back negative there.

A third test was administered, through LabCorp again, and those results also came back negative Monday night.

Although each employee of the Residential Health Care Facility has twice tested negative, they can't come back to work.

"I continue to work through and with the bureaucracy to recognize the two negative test results for the four RHCF employees which should permit these team members to come back to work," Cayer said in an email. "The results of the last two COVID-19 tests for these employees suggest the results reported last Friday evening were false positives."

Lewis County Public Health said it will continue to count the 4 workers in their total count of COVID-19 cases.

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