Longtime fishing guide shares life story in new book

WWNY Longtime fishing guide shares life story in new book

HENDERSON HARBOR, N.Y. (WWNY) - He’s an 85 year old hunter and fisherman. Now Ron Ditch is an author.

He has loved to hunt and fish ever since he was a kid, even on the days when the catch isn’t so big.

Ditch took over his father’s fishing business after a short time at college.

"I noticed a flock of ducks fly by the window over Lake Ontario, so I sat there thinking to myself. I would rather be out there than in this classroom and if I become an industrial arts teacher, I will always be in here wishing I was out there. So I got up and walked out. That was the end of my college career," he said.

Instead he has been a teacher out on Lake Ontario for the last 65 years. Ditch is a fishing guide at Ditch and Sons Marina in Henderson Harbor.

He says in his prime he was out fishing 140 days a year, catching bass and 30 pound fish.

"So many people said, 'My God, man. You ought to write a book.' I was sitting around on a winter day, snowing and blowing, with nothing to do and I happened to remember that and I said, 'What can it hurt,'" he said.

So Ditch wrote "Hunting, Fishing and Family."

The book shares his life story as well as some of his favorite outdoor memories. Ditch has 4 sons and has been with his wife for close to 70 years.

"When I found out that she loved to fish, I said I guess I am going to have to make her my number one choice," he said.

Ditch says his book is available on Amazon now, but within the next week he will have some copies at the marina. He says he plans on doing a book singing soon.

“It’s been a long, healthy and wonderful career and I am not done yet by any means. If you end up out in the lake or in the woods somewhere, you will probably run into me,” he said.

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