Restaurants consider defying state’s reopening plan

Restaurants don't want to wait for phase three

CLAYTON, N.Y. (WWNY) - Restaurants are slated to open in phase three of the state’s reopening plan, but some north country eateries don’t want to wait.

Michael Hazlewood, who owns the Wood Boat Brewery in Clayton, says restaurant owners are frustrated and are thinking of banding together and opening at the same time.

He said he's talked to more than 30 restaurant owners.

"Everybody that I've spoken to is on board, it's an overwhelming response,” Hazlewood said. “We have no cases in this county, we have nothing going on currently and we don't want anyone to get sick I just don't see the sense why everyone's closed if there's nothing really going on,” he said. “We're all taking precautions, everyone is -- we just want to get back open."

Hazlewood says the restaurants are willing to take the chance and open up despite potential backlash from the state because he says the state isn’t listening to them.

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