Alexandria Bay relaxes open container law to boost business

WWNY Alexandria Bay relaxes open container law to boost business

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - In an effort to boost business as places begin to reopen, Alexandria Bay has temporarily relaxed its open container law.

"It's been going pretty well. I think people like having that option," said Megan Cavallario, co-owner of the Riverboat Bar.

The option wasn't available at Riverboat or any other restaurant or bar in Alexandria Bay before the pandemic.

But after the New York State Liquor Authority relaxed its policies, and 18 businesses signed a petition to make a change, the village board amended the law.

Now businesses can sell drinks that the customers can then take out.

"I think it's a really good move, I like it," said customer Karen Noll.

Village Mayor Steven Jarvis says there are 3 designated spots in the village marked off to be used for take-out drinking.

Picnic tables by Uncle Sam's Boat Tours, downtown "and right here at the park pavilion by River Hospital. But the beverage you enjoy can't come from home. It has to be purchased from a restaurant with food," he said.

Jarvis continued, "This doesn't say come to Alex Bay, open up your tailgates, bring your coolers, walk all over the village with bottles of beer or cans of beer. No. This is strictly with out businesses, our restaurants, and bars that do sell alcoholic drinks with food."

"As long as you just are informing every customer that comes up, I think it should go very smoothly. it has so far," said Cavallario.

The relaxed open container policy will end October 31.

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