Cuomo says he’ll present reforms to Legislature in wake of George Floyd’s death

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Friday daily briefing

ALBANY, N.Y. (WWNY) - Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants New York state to lead when it comes to reforming the way the criminal justice system deals with minorities.

At his daily briefing on Friday, the governor outlined what he called the “Say Their Name” Reform Agenda, which he hopes will be passed by the state Legislature next week.

The move comes amid more than a week and a half of nationwide protests in the wake of the death of George Floyd, who was killed May 25 while in Minnesota police custody.

Four police officers have been charged in connection with Floyd’s death.

Two officers were suspended in Buffalo Thursday night after a widely viewed video showed police pushing a 75 year old man to the sidewalk, which caused a serious head injury.

The state attorney general is investigating a series of alleged police abuse during protests in New York City and elsewhere.

The reform agenda is named for the large number of black people targeted and killed by police over the past several years.

“Mr. Floyd is just the last name on a very long list,” the governor said.

The agenda calls for:

- transparency of prior disciplinary actions against police officers under investigation

- no chokeholds

- classifying false race-based 911 calls as hate crimes

- naming the attorney general as independent prosecutor for all police killings.

The governor also noted that 10 fewer people died Thursday from the coronavirus on Thursday than the day before. The count was 52 on Wednesday and 42 on Thursday.

He noted that nearly 800 people died in one day eight weeks ago.

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