Your Turn: feedback on protest, SUNY Potsdam apology, graduations

WWNY Your Turn: feedback on protest, SUNY Potsdam apology, graduations

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - To show their respect in the wake of George Floyd’s death, medical professionals in Watertown took part in a nationwide movement called “White Coats for Black Lives”. The event was not affiliated with Samaritan Medical Center even though it was held outside its campus:

Our whole Samaritan team is family! We stick together behind those doors and stand even stronger outside of them!

Lucinda Pauling

I'm just wondering if active and retired police officers are still welcome at Samaritan Medical Center. Just asking for the hundreds of us from various agencies who protected and served the people of NNY.

David Elliott

Kudos to local medical professionals for taking a moment in these difficult times to show their support for diversity and equality.

Trina Tuttle

SUNY Potsdam officials apologized last week after a Blue Lives Matter message was posted on the campus police Facebook page:

I wouldn't apologize...People are lumping all cops into the same category - bad. They're not.

Linda Clyde

The post is insensitive to what’s going on right now. Kudos for recognizing that, SUNY Potsdam, and being the bigger person to apologize.

Christina Lee

Governor Cuomo announced graduations will be allowed starting June 26. Ceremonies must be held outdoors, no more than 150 people can attend and social distancing is required:

He's a little late to the party with this 'blessing'...and numbers that are nearly impossible for the size of a good number of schools in our area.

Joyce Gardner Pignone

Best wishes to the graduates and to the school folks who will now be working so hard to make this happen. Nothing is easy in this crisis.

Christine LeBel

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