Saturday Sports: Week 2 of racing at Can-Am Speedway

Saturday Sports: Week 2 of racing at Can-Am Speedway

LAFARGEVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - The dirt was flying once again Friday night at the Can-Am Speedway in LaFargeville as the local track hosted another full card of racing action for area drivers looking to get back out on the track.

The pits were once again filled with racers from all around the state ready to hit the track for competition, but the stands were empty with the speedway adhering to restrictions imposed by the state due to COVID-19.

Track owner Tyler Bartlett said while opening weekend was a success, he decided to make some changes for Friday night’s racing schedule.

“Everything that we can do we always learn and improve from, so we’re changing the format up a little bit and doing some different stuff and added a 2nd feature so everybody races in the sportsman division tonight, so we’ll have 2 sportsman features tonight. That’s gonna push the show along and try to shave a little time off with. There’s no consys for sportsman and no b main, you know, we’re just pushing forward and still the unknown of what we’re gonna be allowed to do come July 1st when phase 4 happens. So we’re trying to plan accordingly for that and just waiting to hear word from the governor’s office now if we can have fans," said Bartlett.

With the announcement of the Canadian border being closed for another month, Bartlett had to make a tough decision regarding drivers from across the border that are regulars at the track.

“That hits us hard. We’re gonna be forced to move forward with our season here and start the point process. Registering points with drivers starting next week. I hate to do that to those guys but we can’t wait til the end of July to get the program rolling here. We gotta do the best we can, make the decisions that best suit the common good for Can-Am Speedway and move forward," said Bartlett.

Friday night saw a new class that hasn’t raced at Can-Am in years take to the track: the mod lites.

Bartlett says their appearance is a one time event until they make a return trip to the track in September.

“The September race is actually a series race and we should see 30 cars for the series race. Tonight, this is kinda like a little preliminary deal to get 'em here, get a little hype built up for 'em. I think there’s about 12 or 13 of them tonight,” said Bartlett.

And the racers that took part in the mod lite event were happy to race close to home, with some of the teams traveling to Ohio a few weeks back to see their first racing action of the season.

“I’m excited. We got a- It’s a brand new car this year we just started with, and just excited to get the kinks out of it and try a new track and see how we can do,” said Kyle Demo of Brewerton Speedway.

“It feels good. Long winter being cooped up and having everything extended, so it feels good to get back behind the wheel," said Mike Mullen of Brewerton Speedway.

The Syracuse University Football Team continues to work out in groups on campus, following CDC guidelines implemented due to the COVID-19 virus.

The team began practicing on Monday for the first time since mid-March, when their spring football workouts were cut short due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Orange coach Dino Babers says being able to evaluate players and put a game plan in place for the upcoming 2020 season is going to be very difficult due to the limitations put on the players and coaches.

“This is gonna be an adjust and improvise type situation. I literally don’t know what’s gonna happen 2 weeks from now and I literally- I can’t look into the future and say ‘well, if we do this and this we’re gonna be like this.’ There’s nothing. There’s no history, here’s no knowledge to pull from, and now this is strictly a gut situation. We’re gonna- We don’t even have a long enough period to work on the basic fundamentals cause you lost 12 practices in spring to make good. What I would call good, fair evaluations on people,” said Babers.

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