Saturday’s numbers: NY hits new low, no ‘sleep-away’ camps this year

Saturday’s numbers: NY hits new low, no ‘sleep-away’ camps this year
COVID-19 Tests (Source: MGN)

ALBANY, N.Y. (WWNY) - New York state hit new lows for COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations, Governor Cuomo said Saturday.

32 people died Friday, the lowest number since the COVID crisis began. Likewise, the number of hospitalizations - 1,734 - was the lowest since March 20.

“The people of this state have saved thousands of lives,” Cuomo said, referring to the sacrifices caused by New York’s tough executive orders that shut down most business in the state for weeks - and are only now starting to lift on a large scale - and to the requirement that New Yorkers wear masks in public.

Cuomo cited other states, which are seeing COVID-19 cases increase.

“We were spreading at this highest rate in the nation. We are now at the lowest rate in the nation," he said.

Even though much of the state - including the north country - has entered ‘Phase III’ of the re-opening, which loosens restrictions substantially, Cuomo’s Health Commissioner, Dr. Howard Zucker, announced Saturday that ‘sleep-away’ camps will not be allowed this summer.

“Unlike day camps, which are approved to open June 29, overnight camps are a difficult setting to manage social distancing and face covering and infection control practices,” Zucker said.

"Overnight camps have congregate settings and sleeping arrangements in close quarters that present too many risks.

“In such a setting, even a single positive case in a camper or staff member could create an untenable quarantine situation and overwhelm camp health personnel that may not be able to handle a serious infectious outbreak of this nature,” Zucker said.

Day camps are permitted to open.

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