Your Turn: feedback on protests, police reform & gardening grandma

WWNY Your Turn: feedback on protests, police reform & gardening grandma

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Most of your feedback this week is about a march in Watertown Saturday to bring attention to black lives lost to police brutality:

I’d never want the police defunded but I would like a closer look taken when the funds are being used. We need more education and training in mental health and deescalation for sure.

Fiona Str

We need our law enforcement and we should be supporting them. The few bad apples are what need to go!

Tammy Pais

Governor Cuomo signed a sweeping package of police reform bills that, among other things, bans police choke holds:

The legislation seems to be at least a step in the right direction.

David Fredenburg

Like everything else he rams down our throats, this will be a disaster.

Ben Gardiner

You are truly a disgrace to bow down and give in to the protesters. All cops are not bad.

Charles Kraeger Jr

A 102 year old town of Pamelia woman showed us how gardening can be the key to a long, happy life:

She is certainly a great inspiration to all the people in this neighborhood.

Richard Davis

Her flowers are beautiful...almost as beautiful as she is!

Deana Shepard

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