Tomorrow’s Health: COVID-19 risks, overbearing parents & loneliness

Tomorrow's Health

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - One in five people worldwide have an underlying health condition that could increase their risk of severe COVID-19.

That’s according to research in “The Lancet Global Health” looking at data from 188 countries.

Underlying conditions include cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, diabetes and chronic respiratory disease.

Overbearing parents

Teens with overbearing parents could have struggles when they become adults.

A new study in the journal “Child Development” finds a link between teens with overbearing and over-controlling parents and difficulties in relationships and education as adults.

Loneliness & smoking

New research shows kicking the smoking habit can be even harder for some people.

United Kingdom researchers find being lonely increases the likelihood of starting smoking, the number of cigarettes smoked daily, and decreases the likelihood of being able to quit.

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