State will ‘turn the page’ on coronavirus crisis, governor says

WWNY State will ‘turn the page’ on coronavirus crisis, governor says

ALBANY, N.Y. (WWNY) - Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the state is going to dial back on the crisis mode it’s been in since March.

“We’re going to turn the page on the immediacy of this crisis,” he said at his briefing on Wednesday, the 109th day of the crisis.

He said the state administered nearly 60,000 tests for the coronavirus on Tuesday and 567 of them were positive, which amounts to under 1 percent.

“That is the lowest percentage of positive that we’ve had since we started, period,” he said.

Cuomo said, “and once again we’ve demonstrated that we’ve gone from the worst infection rate in the country to the best rate in the country.”

Another number that reached a new low was the number of deaths in one day.

Seventeen peopled die from COVID-19 on Tuesday. That’s down from 25 the day before.

That’s as COVID-19 infections are increasing in 20 states. One projection shows nearly 150,000 people across the country will have died from the disease by August.

In New York, the Mid-Hudson and Long Island regions are set to enter phase three next week. New York City is on track to enter phase two on Monday.

The rest of the state’s 10 regions are already in phase three.

With that progress, the governor said he will stop his daily briefings on Friday and only schedule them as needed.

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