Things are starting to look up: our last 7 days with COVID-19

Things are starting to look up: our last 7 days with COVID-19

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - In the last 7 days:

A Cape Vincent mom got the news she’ll be able to see her son who lives in a group home after 3 months of separation.

“Very excited. Very happy. And so will all the other parents across the state,” said Amy Gladle.

Things are starting to look up as Governor Andrew Cuomo held his final COVID-19 briefing on Friday.

But while that stopped, the north country continued to lend a helping hand.

Thousands of pounds of food were given out to families in need.

“I’ve got custody of three grand-kids and it’s been rough through this COVID-19. We’re very thankful that they’re doing a great job to keep us going,” said Christine Crandall of Felts Mills.

And nearly 800 gallons of hand sanitizer were given out to Jefferson County businesses free of charge.

“It feels really great to be out here to be able to visit with the business owners and representatives that are coming down. If we can take any load off their expenses as they’re trying to open up during this difficult time, it’s really great to be able to do that,” said Kylie Peck, President and CEO of the Greater Watertown - North Country Chamber of Commerce.

We learned you can now drink on Public Square with a few restrictions, the real-estate business is booming with homes flying of the market, and Alexandria Central and General Brown graduates got the send-off and graduation of a lifetime.

But some things are still on hold.

Extended border closure means extended hardships for local businesses.

“The months that are gone are gone. You’ll wait until next year and hope its better,” said George Thorne of Thorne’s Ferry.

You’ll have fewer places to vote come in Tuesday’s primary election.

But come Monday, you’ll be able to visit your loved ones at Samaritan Medical Center.

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